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Get Help Buying Your Next Lawn Mower

If you've ever tried mowing a lawn with a sub-par mower, you know how helpful it is to use the best lawn mower that is ideal for the circumstances!

That's why we've scoured the internet and read reviews upon reviews to learn which mowers work best in various common situations. In each of our mower buying guides, we help you identify your needs so you can start narrowing down your criteria to help you find the exact mower that fits your situation. Browse our guides below...

Want to impress your guests with your lawn decor but don't have much time to dedicate to extra projects? Here[...]
With all the hype recently about this new type of mower, it can be difficult to determine which exactly is[...]
You want a high quality riding mower that does the job and doesn't cause problems, and doesn't cost you an[...]
A new riding mower is a pretty big investment that should pay off over several years. You want one that[...]
When summer comes once again one of the things that you have to think of is mowing the lawn. But if you don't currently have a mower or you need to replace your old one it can be challenging to choose one. We'll help you find the perfect push mower.
A good reel mower can last for over thirty years if it is maintained well. Keeping this in mind, you[...]
With so many electric mower models available, it can be hard to choose one without second-guessing later. We want to[...]

Mower Maintenance

It's important to take good care of your mower so it will continue to perform well for you whenever you need it. In our maintenance articles below, we've covered some important things you need to be aware of so you can keep your mower in tip top shape.

For most rotary (motorized) mowers, I recommend sharpening the blades every 20-25 hours. For a lawn that takes about 45 minutes to mow, that means you should sharpen your mower blades every 26-33 mowing sessions.
You can jumpstart your mower with your car as long as your mower has a 12-volt battery. There are some special precautions you should take, however.
While the weight of a riding mower varies from 300 to almost 600 pounds, the average weight of an average model is about 470 pounds.
While plugging my left rear tire for the second time last summer, I decided to finally look for an answer to the question that had been haunting me: can you foam fill mower tires? Yes, you can! And it's not that difficult to do by yourself at home so you don't have to pay someone a small fortune to do it. You'll just need a foam sealant solution and a couple easy-to-find tools.
No matter how well you take care of your riding lawn mower, you will eventually run into a problem with[...]
Standard SAE-5W30 motor oil is safe for most Troy-Bilt lawn mowers and works in a wide range of temperatures.

Lawn Care Tips

Some people don't realize how much work is involved in keeping a lawn healthy, green, and beautiful. In the lawn care articles below we share important things everyone should know to keep your lawn looking great for many years to come.

How to Make The Grass In Your Lawn Green and Thick (And Keep It That Way!)
Having a beautiful, attractive lawn feels so rewarding, so it can be very frustrating when it's not in tip top[...]
How To Grow Grass In Clay Soil And Grow A Beautiful Lawn
How can you grow grass in it when the roots have to struggle to find nutrients that are locked up by alkalinity? In a nutshell, you have to correct your soil's pH, add organic material and overseed.
How To Overseed Your Lawn Without Aerating It
Many people aerate their lawn right before overseeding, but it isn't really necessary. In fact, it may make more sense not to aerate and overseed at the same time.
Hearing Protection For Lawn Mowing – Is It Really Necessary?
Yes, hearing protection is a must when mowing with any motorized lawn mower (even electric mowers), but not necessary with manual push reel mowers.
Best Lawn Fertilizer For Late Spring, And How To Apply It
I've been adding fertilizer to my own lawn as well as other people's lawns for quite a few years. So[...]
How To Cut Tall Grass With a Reel Mower
Mowing a lawn with tall grass can be particularly challenging to do with a reel mower, because reel mowers cannot[...]

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