Best Push Mowers For Various Needs – Guide To Picking The Right One

When summer comes once again one of the things that you have to think of is mowing the lawn. But if you don't currently have a mower or you need to replace your old one it can be challenging to choose one.

Let's take a look at some of the best push mowers on the market and what you should consider when buying one.



Deck Size

Cutting Height

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Best Overall:
Honda HRX217K5VKA


0.75 - 4 in

Best For Hills:
Husqvarna HU800AWDH


1 - 4.25 in

Best Electric:
Toro 20360


1 - 4 in

Budget Pick:
GreenWorks 25022


1.5 - 3.75 in

Best Push Reel:
StaySharp Max Reel Mower


1 - 4 in

Honda HRX217K5VKA mower

The best overall push mower that we found, when we compared quality, performance, and price, is the Honda HRX217K5VKA. This mower is packed with features and gives you everything you need for standard lawn care.

This mower has so many great features that you'll be hard-pressed to find a feature missing.

The four-speed drive will make your mower move at the same speed that you do and the four-in-one versatile mowing feature will allow you to mulch, bag, discharge with clip director or to shred leaves.

With an auto-choke system and an adjustable handle with three different positions will make sure that you are able to mow comfortably.


  • 4 drive speeds
  • 4 different modes for bagging, mulching, shredding leaves or discharging
  • 3 handle positions for maximum comfort
  • check-square
    Honda "no-dent" deck with lifetime warranty
  • check-square
    Twin blades for better cutting
  • check-square
    21-inch Nexite deck that will not rust
  • check-square
    Speeds from 0 to 4 miles-per-hour
  • check-square
    More grass can be bagged before dumping due to the mulching/cutting combo


  • Motor is not as powerful as some of the other options on the list
  • Door does not always keep all of the mulch in when operating in mulch-only mode

Best Push Mower For Steep Hills: Husqvarna HU800AWDH

husqvarna hu800awdh product picture

If you have any major inclines, slopes, or hills in your yard, then you'll want to be sure to pick a mower that is proven to work well on hills. But don't just look for a mower that will "work okay" on hills - you want one that won't cause you to put in too much effort and won't put your safety at risk.

Based on the research we've done, we think the Husqvarna HU800AWDH is one of the best push mowers for steep hills for several reasons.

First of all, the Husqvarna engine is powerful enough to cut grass effectively and push the mower along without choking up. Mowing up hills puts an extra burden on the engine, so you'll want an engine that is powerful and will last a long time.

Second, the all wheel drive helps pull the mower (and maybe even help to pull you) up the hill efficiently. Don't even consider a front-wheel drive mower for steep inclines; the mower could slip and push you backward if the front tires lose contact with the ground. Rear wheel drive can be okay but it can get annoying when you have to push the rear of the mower to get traction and then the front of the mower lifts up.

And last but not least, the large rear wheels are big enough and have enough traction to help the mower move forward without spinning out or slipping/sliding on the grass. That may seem like a random feature to highlight, but it's actually really important because the last thing you want to have happen when you're pushing a mower up a steep bank is to have it propel itself backward and knock you to the ground (or even worse, to get your feet in the blades).

That's why we think the Husqvarna HU800AWDH mower is the best push mower for steep hills, banks, and slopes. It's not the cheapest mower on the market, but we think the extra investment is worth it for the safety and convenience features you get.


  • Powerful engine
  • Four wheel drive
  • Large rear wheel


  • Not cheap
toro e-Cycler 20360 push mower

When it comes to lawn mowers, most people think about gas-powered motors roaring along in the summer heat. But these days, there are more options like this one from Toro. This is a fully-electric lawn mower that gets the job done without needing gas or making lots of noise.

This mower easily outstrips the rest when it comes to ease of use. There is no maintenance involved whatsoever – unless you count charging the battery – and it can cut up to 10,000 square feet of grass on a single charge. This lightweight mower is easy to maneuver and simple to operate with two step controls.


  • No gasoline and no maintenance
  • Cordless so you have the freedom to go anywhere you want to mow next
  • 2 year performance warranty that covers everything under normal use – including the battery
  • check-square
    Easy to use with convenient one-handed controls
  • check-square
    Uses a normal (and inexpensive) 12v12ah sealed lead battery


  • A few people have had issues charging their battery or without it holding a charge but the percentage is extremely small
greenworks 25022 lawn mower

This mower is definitely not going to give you every feature that the other ones on this list will, but it has a couple of things going for it that make it really unique.

First, it is a corded electric mower so you don't have to worry about gasoline or making sure that the battery is charged. Second, this mower will definitely get the job done and at a price that anyone can afford.

This mower gives you all of the power that you need without requiring gasoline to run it. It features a 7-position height adjustment that is simple to operate, a 20" deck and a 4-year tool warranty that will give you peace of mind. To learn more about this mower, read our full review.


  • No battery charging required
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • 3-in-1 operation (mulching, discharge, bagging)
  • check-square
    4-year limited warranty


  • The cord can get in the way sometimes when you are mowing.
  • The cord also isn't that long, so you will probably need an extension cord
  • exclamation-triangle
    No automatic drive system so you have to have the strength to push it

Best Push Reel Motor: StaySharp Max Reel Mower

StaySharp Max Reel Mower

For those who prefer to avoid charging the battery or making sure the mower is filled with gasoline, this StaySharp lawn cutter operates on the simple muscle of elbow grease.

With no engine present, all you have to do is push this mower to start cutting grass, and you'll be done in no time thanks to the circular blade configuration.

If you are a fan of the reel push mower but not a fan of how hard you normally have to work to get the lawn cut then you will love this push mower.

The blade ensures that the lawn gets cut right the first time, perfectly evenly, and with as little effort on your part as possible; no gas, no oil, no battery, no cord and no hassle. You just pull out the mower and get to work.


  • Self-contained mower with no maintenance
  • The StaySharp cutting system ensures that your blades never get dull and need manual resharpening
  • Unique inset wheels make sure that your mower doesn't leave strips in the grass
  • check-square
    Reversible grass chute lets you decide where you want grass to exit the mower


  • Does require a fair bit of arm strength to push, although no more than a standard push mower with no drive
  • This mower lacks of the bells and whistles (obviously) of the powered mowers on this list

Types of Mowers Available

When you are choosing a mower there are several different options that you have. The type of mower you decide upon will depend upon your needs and what you prefer. There are five basic types of push mowers and we will be looking at them in detail below.

Manual Push Mowers

These mowers do not have a drive function so the engine will run the blades but the pushing power will come from you.

Self-Propelled Mowers

Self-propelled mowers have some kind of drive function that allows you to push them along with only the slightest pressure.

Gas-Powered Mowers

Gas-powered mowers may or may not be self-propelled. They are run by gasoline and require oil as well. They are very powerful mowers that will cut tough grass though.

Electric Mowers

Electric mowers are usually self-propelled, although there are a few that you have to push. They also come in two different designs – with a cord or with a battery that you have to recharge.

Push Reel Mowers

Finally, push reel mowers are mowers that have no engine or electrical system. They just have a blade that is activated when you push the mower.

Mower Features to Consider

There are some features common to many of the mowers on the market that may help you decide what you want from a lawnmower. If you can decide which features you like best, and which ones to prioritize, you will have an easier time deciding.


The engine is a consideration because the bigger and more powerful the engine is; the more cutting power that you are going to have.


Drive and Control

Do you want your mower to be self-propelled? And do you want to be able to easily switch between drive and neutral? Without a drive function, mowers are dependent upon your strength to push them.

Clippings Disposition

Generally, there are three ways that a lawnmower can dispose of clippings: through a bag mounted to the rear of the mower, by mulching the grass clippings or by shooting them out of the side.

Easy to Maintain

You also may want to decide if maintenance is something you don't mind doing or something that you would rather not mess with.


You should also decide if the wheel size matters or if you want some of the wheels to be on casters so that you can easily make 90-degree turns.

Cleaning Functions

Some mowers have hose hookups that make it really easy to clean the grass clipping from underneath the deck.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a mower!

We've talked about features to look for in a mower, what types of mowers are available, and reviewed some specific models so you can make a smart buying decision.

Hopefully, this guide has been able to give you the tools to make a good decision and choose the perfect mower for summer!

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