Best Snow Blower For Large Driveway (Plus Buying Tips)

Finding the best snow blower for your large driveway involves more than just looking for a high powered machine. You've got to consider the clearing width, price point, and a whole bunch of other attributes.

We'll get into why each of those attributes matter in a moment, but first we'd like to share our #1 recommended snow blower for large driveways...

Top Choice: Husqvarna ST224

It's not uncommon for high powered snow blowers to climb to prices of $2,000 or more, but this one comes in at under $1,000.

While we wouldn't consider it the best overall snow blower for the money, it does have more power than many other models, so it's strong enough and durable enough to handle long stretches of snow removal at a time, making it perfect for large driveways.

Powered by a robust 208cc engine, this two stage snow blower moves snow much more quickly than its one stage counterparts. During the first stage, the snow is fed into the machine, and in the second stage, the impeller ejects the snow through the shoot.

It's also engine-propelled so you don't have to physically push it forward. And you can easily change the speed depending on how deep the snow is or how compact it has become.

The only noteworthy complaint that we've noticed several customers bring up is potential issues with the impeller and chute having issues if you're moving snow on a driveway that has lots of loose gravel, because the gravel can get caught in the machine and cause damage.

While this is worth mentioning, it's also important to remember that no snow blower will respond perfectly to gravel-filled snow. If this could be a major concern for you, we recommend getting a snow plow, especially if your driveway is long enough to make it worth the financial investment.

With all of these features (and potential disadvantages) factored in, based on our research we believe this is the best snow blower for large driveways. Click the button below to check the current price.

Bonus: Buying Tips

If you're not quite sure if our top recommendation above is perfect for you, then we'd like to share some additional tips to help you shop for the best snow blower for your specific needs. Following are some features you should consider while you're shopping and comparing.

Clearing Width

The wider you clearing width, the fewer passes you'll have to make, which means it'll take less time to clear the snow. If your budget is around $1,000 you probably won't be able to find a good quality snow blower that would work for your long driveway with a clearing width greater than 24" or 30".

Sure you could get a 48" wide machine, but then you're looking at a $3,000 or more price point, and at that point it's worth considering if a snow plow attachment for your pick up truck would be more cost effective instead.

Two Stage vs Single Stage

For large areas (such as long driveways) that need to be cleared, a two stage machine wild do the job much more effectively and quickly. We recommend crossing out any snow blowers on your list that use only a single stage to clear the snow. It's simply not worth the frustration and limitations.

Gas vs Electric

For small areas, an electric model could save you some money and would definitely reduce the effort involved in maintaining it, but since you're looking for a snow blower that's specifically best for your large driveway, then gas models will offer you the greater power and long-term reliability that you need.

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I think this is a good choice. Would have been nice to see some other options listed too because there’s lots of good ones out there.

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