Best Time to Apply Moss Killer to Your Lawn

If you’ve already identified what is causing moss to grow in your lawn and you’ve decided to apply some sort of moss killer (such as baking soda and water) to solve the problem, then you may be wondering when the best time would be to apply the mixture.

Best Time Of Year

Applying an anti-moss solution will be most effective if done during winter or in early spring. In doing so, you’ll get the moss in its least active state, before summer rolls around and the moss spores can spread more easily.

That said, of course you can attempt to kill moss any time of the year. It’s just most effective in a season other than summer.

Best Time Of Day

The time of day is not nearly as impactful of a factor as the time of year.

That said, applying moss killer to your lawn in the late afternoon or early evening is typically most effective, because that’s after sunlight has had the opportunity to dry out the lawn, making the liquid solution have a bigger impact.

Best Conditions

If possibly, try to apply the moss killing solution when the yard is as dry as possible so it can have a bigger impact. That said, it’s of course understandable that part of the reason your lawn has moss growing in it is that it’s too wet.

So if that’s the case, don’t wait around for your lawn to get dry or for the “best conditions,” since that day might never come. The sooner you apply the solution, the sooner you’ll see results.

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