Greenworks 25022 Review: 20in Corded 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

Have you dismissed corded electric mowers as being weak and only good for a very small area of lawn? Maybe you think that the cord is a hassle to manage while mowing.

greenworks 25022 lawn mower

The truth is that some corded electric mowers are weak and difficult to work with. But we don't want you to give up on them yet.

Why not?

You want a cheap mower that is very dependable and as easy to use as any other. So we sifted through dozens of this type of mower and are confident in recommending this one, the Greenworks 25022, to people with small yards.

After reading this, you will be able to decide if a corded mower is right for you. You will have a good idea of how this particular model performs on various types of grass and lawns, and you will understand what it takes to keep it running at its best.


Ease of Maintenance

Engine Power

Cut Quality

Ease of Operation



Greenworks 25022 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower
With a durable 20-inch steel deck and a powerful 12 amp motor, the Greenworks 25022 is a reliable corded lawn mower with a 4-Year tool warranty to back it up. Features an easy Push Button Start system and foldable handles for compact storage.


This is a nice electric mower that rivals gas-powered mowers of its size in all categories across the board. The obvious disadvantage here is the cord. But on the other hand, this type of mower never needs gas and never needs an expensive battery replacement. In fact, very little routine maintenance is required. When there is a major malfunction, the low price of this mower makes replacing it less painful than replacing, let's say, a $300 battery-operated mower.

Even though this mower's power pales in comparison to other corded models, it has plenty of strength to mow the thickest lawns. You just need to keep the blade sharp and maybe push a bit slower to cut thick grass. There is no need to worry about reduced power because of a dying battery.

Hills are usually not a problem. The mower can only slow if you do. It weighs 54 pounds, which is about the weight of similar gas and battery mowers. So if you can push one of them up your hill, you can do the same with this model.

This mower is so quiet that you can actually hear the grass being sliced. Many people actually use the sound of the cut to gauge how sharp their blade is. The motor does get louder as it ages, just like washing machine motors, but they never get so loud as to be an annoyance. No one inside your house will be able to hear the motor while in operation, even if the windows are open.

Here are the vital specifications:

  • 12 amp motor
  • 20" cutting width
  • 10" rear wheels, 7" front wheels
  • Steel deck
  • 7 cutting heights from 1 1/2" - 3 3/4"
  • Side discharge/mulch/bag
  • 150' maximum cord length
  • 4-year warranty

Pros And Cons


  • Quiet
  • Surprisingly powerful
  • No gasoline or charging needed
  • Large deck compared to most other electric models
  • 3 clipping discharge options
  • Long 4-year warranty


  • Cord can be cumbersome
  • Unavoidable reduction of power on wet or thick grass

Cut Quality

If you have never thought about how important it is to mow with a sharp blade, pay special attention to this paragraph. The quality of any lawn mower's cut is directly related to how sharp its blade is. A sharp blade makes a clean cut that will heal quickly. A dull blade hacks at the grass. This results in a ragged cut that leaves the tips of the grass blades open to disease and more prone to harmful insect infestation.
This is the main problem that causes ugly brown lawns.

So how well does this mower cut with a sharp blade? It rivals any other mower. But blade sharpness is not the only factor to consider here. The mower's motor has to have enough power to spin the blade through all of that chlorophyll stock. Otherwise, the blade will knock some the grass down and skin the sides of the grass blades instead of shearing easily in a straight line across the top of the blade. This mower has plenty of power to give the high-quality cut you need, as long as you are starting with a sharp blade and aren't pushing at an unreasonable pace. A normal walking speed is perfect for cutting an inch off of a lawn of average thickness.

All in all, this model offers a great cut.

Ease Of Operation

All you have to do to get the mower started is plug it in and push the power button. The blades start spinning immediately and you're ready to mow.

First, you are going to want to adjust your mowing height. This is easy, thanks to the single adjustment lever. You do have to put some effort into pulling the level to get the mower up from the ground, but the trade off is that you don't have to adjust all four wheel individually.

The mower plugs into your extension cord, and the cord plugs into your outlet. It doesn't get much easier than that. The cord is a bit cumbersome at first, but you will rarely have to even think about it once you get used to it. Most people start mowing along their house where the cord is plugged in. Other have a complex cutting pattern that begins at the point in their yard close to their house but at a far corner of their yard. They then mow diagonally until they get to the opposite corner that is furthest from the house. This way, the cord ends up like a wave that can be easily looped when the mowing is done.

Once you get used to the cord, this mower is just as easy to use as a battery or gas mower.

Ease Of Maintenance

The electric motor needed no regular maintenance. There is no oil, air filter, spark plug or carburetor to check, clean or replace. If the motor burns up, it would cost less to replace the motor than it would be to have it fixed. But it would be covered by the four year manufacturer's warranty if it fails due to normal residential use. The normal life of the motor seems to be from six to eight years.

You will need to keep the underside of the deck and the clipping discharge chute free of gunk and dried buildup. This will keep the mower running its best and prevent rust on the blade and deck. You just use a brush to get off the stubborn stuff and spray the rest away with a garden hose. Be sure to spray the blade and deck with oil.

Routine lubrication involves oiling the wheels and the part where the blade shaft goes through the deck. You should do this about three times per season.

You can sharpen the blade yourself with a flat file. You don't even have to remove the blade to do it, but that would make putting a good edge on the blade a bit easier. All you have to do is file along the original bevel of the blade using long and light strokes. We recommend getting an extra blade so you will always have a sharp one hanging in your garage.

We can't stress this enough: Inspect the cord for cuts and wear every time you roll it back up. The cords are not expensive, so there is no need to use a dangerous cord with exposed wire or cuts in the insulation.

Another thing we want you to be aware of is what kind of cord you need. A 100' cord should have a gauge of 14, and a 150' cord should not be smaller than 12 gauge.

Who Should Buy This Mower

Anyone with a smallish yard could use this mower. The limit is 150' from an electrical outlet, so you should measure your yard to be sure this limit is not a disqualifier.

You should also consider any trees and other obstacles that may be between the outlets you will use and the further reaches of your lawn. Make sure it won't be too much of a hassle to trail the cord around these objects and circle back around. If it will be too much, you can consider a battery-operated mower or a traditional gas model.

Are you ready for a quiet and powerful mower that requires little upkeep? Can you deal with the cord? Are you willing to keep your blade nice and sharp? If you can say yes to these questions, this may be the best mower you have ever purchased.

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