What Moss In Your Lawn Indicates (And What To Do About It)

Excessive growth of moss in your lawn indicates that the conditions of the soil are not optimal for the growth of grass.

Moss thrives in a slightly acidic environment, so if moss is taking over it could be an indication that your soil is too acidic.

Moss also thrives in a very damp environment. So if parts of your lawn are very shaded, then the lawn might not be getting the sunlight it needs to dry out enough to prevent moss from growing.

Of course, if you’re watering your lawn manually or with sprinklers then the proliferation of moss in your lawn could indicate that you’re watering the lawn too frequently and/or too long at a time.

If your lawn does not have much shade (or maybe none at all) and yet you still notice puddles of water in your lawn after rain, this could indicate that your lawn’s soil has a lot of clay in it, which doesn’t absorb rain water very well. Unfortunately, this is not an easy condition to fix.

Ultimately, we recommend sending samples of your soil to a lab to learn about the soil and help decide how to fix it. In the meantime, you should learn how to get rid of moss quickly to give yourself some time to find a long term solution.

Ed Kirkland

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