Mower Maintenance

In order to keep your lawn looking nice, there are several things you should do to maintain your mower so you get a clean cut every time.

Below are several maintenance related articles we've published. If you can't find what you're looking for below, leave us a comment and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction!

You can jumpstart your mower with your car as long as your mower has a 12-volt battery. There are some special precautions you should take, however.
While the weight of a riding mower varies from 300 to almost 600 pounds, the average weight of an average model is about 470 pounds.
While plugging my left rear tire for the second time last summer, I decided to finally look for an answer to the question that had been haunting me: can you foam fill mower tires? Yes, you can! And it's not that difficult to do by yourself at home so you don't have to pay someone a small fortune to do it. You'll just need a foam sealant solution and a couple easy-to-find tools.
No matter how well you take care of your riding lawn mower, you will eventually run into a problem with[...]
Standard SAE-5W30 motor oil is safe for most Troy-Bilt lawn mowers and works in a wide range of temperatures.
A 5x7 foot tarp is big enough to cover most push mowers, if you fold the handle down. With the handle fully extended, I recommend an 8x10 foot tarp.
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